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Bringing Safety Solutions To The Masses


Orange Wall Enterprises LLC is your reliable source of safety solution products.

Orange Wall Enterprises LLC is a minority, women-owned, small business enterprise based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area committed to your health and safety and those living and working throughout our community.


With the arrival of the coronavirus known as SarSARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), life changed in an instant, globally. In the face of mountains of information and misinformation about the pandemic, how to source personal protective equipment and the ongoing need for rapid results testing, as women business owners, we joined forces to create Orange Wall Enterprises LLC, a medical supplies logistics and distribution company. The company is dedicated to the sourcing and supply of quality personal protective equipment,  and for professionals, a fast detection rapid serology test. In addition to product procurement, the company offers supply and inventory management services to those in need of developing the capability to self-source. 

Combining our business experience and leveraging our nationally certified women-owned businesses, we began accessing existing partnerships to respond to the needs of under-served and sometimes overlooked populations. The number one priority of Orange Wall Enterprises LLC is the customer service experience and the ability to get what you need when you need it. 
We understand the ongoing challenges in the marketplace and the resulting frustration that comes from inferior and overpriced products. Diligent research and pain-staking checking of the CDC, FDA, and NIOSH websites are constantly being done with the goal of providing the highest quality, authentic and affordable products.

Our company was founded with keeping families, friends, and business associates in mind; They rely on our knowledge and skills in procurement of goods and services, supplier relations, logistics and inventory management, project management, and technology assessment and solutions to quickly and efficiently source their needed personal protective equipment, apparel and devices. Now, we welcome you to rely on us.

We are in this together, striving to make it better for all!

Lynda M. Dorman

Co-Owner and CEO

Orange Wall Enterprises LLC

Carolyn E. Howell

Co-Owner and President

Orange Wall Enterprises LLC


Our Promise


Our #1 priority here at Orange Wall Enterprises is your customer service experience, which means our team of international sourcing and supply chain logistics experts will work diligently to ensure the highest quality, reliability and qualified products are sold to you. Just reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about our products.


For the fastest service please, 

Email Us: 

or Call: (800) 605-5114

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